7000 Series Specs

Gas Cabinet Models
(all dimensions in inches)

7000 Series Specs


  • All welded construction using 12-guage steel, epoxy painted. Texture finish on outside, smooth finish on inside of cabinet.
  • Exhaust vent located on top of cabinet is 6″ diameter X 3″ high.
  • 165°F sprinkler head on top of cabinet is coated with bees wax.
  • Removable white back panel mounts to inside rear cabinet.
  • Cylinder bracket accommodates 7″ to 10″ diameter cylinders. The brackets are adjustable for precise pig-tail alignment.
  • Door and window will close and latch automatically.
  • Window is 1/4″ thick clear wire.
  • Louvers at bottom of door.
  • Flush mounted stainless steel paddle latch.
  • All stainless steel fasteners.


  • Adjustable shelves
  • Dome roof configurations
  • Keyed door latch
  • Air intake filter
  • Custom colors
  • Rubber floor mat