Starting our Blog on Gas Cabinets!

Compressed gases are used in industry after industry, and yet as a modern society they are something we take for granted. Whether it’s a trip to a hospital, in which someone gets oxygen, or it’s an industrial application that requires nitrogen or ammonia, compressed gases are used throughout modern society. Like any modern product, storage and safety are paramount. Gas doesn’t “like” to be compressed, so while it’s under pressure, the canister itself needs to be properly cared for and stored.Gas Cabinets The cabinets (which we make) are another component of proper care and safety – they, too, need to comply with regulatory and safety requirements, which can vary by industry.

An Industry Leader in Compressed Gas Storage

Safety Equipment Corporation is recognized as an industry leader in the design, engineering, and manufacture of gas cabinets of all types, serving all types of industries. Our objectives as a company are to offer reliable products at affordable prices to the industry. Our blog will touch on those issues, as well as the “lighter” side of gases (pardon the pun), so that there is a mechanism to share not only industry updates but interesting facts about compressed gas as a scientific and industrial endeavor.